Jack and Jill # 10

Jack: I am sick of lying around in the bed all day long. *sulks*

Jill: I know. But you need to rest for three more weeks. No concession.

Jack: I feel like strolling in open for a while.

Jill: You have a fractured leg. You cannot roam around.

Jack: I need fresh air. I am suffocating in this room.

Jill: Umm…I have an idea that could make you feel better.

Jack: What’s that?

Jill: Let’s go on a long drive. I will drive.

Jack: You know what sweetie? It worked, like a charm.

Jill: Enh???

Jack: Yes, I am feeling fresher already.

Jill: You would never let me drive your new car, would you? *shrugs*

Jack: Please shut the door when you leave. *pretends sleeping*

Jack and Jill # 9

Jack: What do you want for your birthday, honey?

Jill: It would be rather better if you didn’t ask that.

Jack: Why, exactly?

Jill: Because I want something that you would not let me have.

Jack: Come on, why wouldn’t I?

Jill: Because you hate it as much as I love it.

Jack: I don’t think so. We love the same things.

Jill: Sure. Except One.

Jack: Try me.

Jill: I want a Puppy.

Jack: No way!!!

Jill: I told you. You don’t love me as much as you hate dogs.

Jack: *ponders*

Jack and Jill # 8

Jill: You know, I wanted to become a pilot when I was a little girl.

Jack: I know.

Jill: *sighs*

Jack: But you are a pilot. My pilot.

Jill: What do you mean?

Jack: Kiss me.

Jill: What?

Jack: Kiss me. *closes eyes*

Jill: *kisses on his lips*

Jack: Wow. See? I told you. You are my pilot.

Jill: What??

Jack: You make me Fly. High.

Jill: *blushes*

Jack and Jill # 7

Jack: I didn’t know you would really make me cook dinner tonight.

Jill: What not? You lost the bet. You have to cook.

Jack: It was a stupid bet.

Jill: Yes. Stupid enough to drag you in.

Jack: And I can’t believe I lost the bet in the first place.

Jill: Believe it, honey, because you did.

Jack: How didn’t I know how much cash I had in my wallet?

Jill: That is the gamble that worked out well for me.

Jack: Anyway, how to cook rice?

Jill: I am calling the pizza place for delivery, as backup. Just in case.

Jack: No. No. I can cook. You guide me. I will cook.

Jill: Don’t worry. Pizzas, My treat! I’ve got twelve hundred bucks.

Jack: That is exactly how much was short on my guess in the bet.

Jill: *winks*

Jack: Youuuuu!!!

Jack and Jill # 6

Jack: I want to watch the game, Jill.

Jill: Sure, right after this movie is finished.

Jack: The game will be over by then.

Jill: Big Deal?! You can watch the highlights later.

Jack: Highlights don’t have the thrill of a live game.

Jill: Sure they have. Why not?

Jack: Because I would know the result by then.

Jill: Then don’t watch the news before you watch highlights. Problem solved?

Jack: Do you know what are you holding on to?

Jill: Remote Control?

Jack: Well, let’s call it Remote-out of my-Control. *surrenders*

Jack and Jill # 5

Jill: Do you think I need a new haircut?

Jack: Why? This one is cute. Suits you.

Jill: So, you are saying, the new one will not suit me?

Jack: I am not saying that. I am just saying this one suits you.

Jill: Well, the new one can suit too. Can’t it?

Jack: Of course, it can. And It Will. Go and get a new one. Ok?

Jill: Why? You don’t like this one?

Jack: *stares*

Jill: What??? *rolls eyes*

Jack: *sighs* Nothing!

Jack and Jill # 4

Jill: I found a stain on your shirt. I bet that’s lipstick. Whose is it?

Jack: It must be yours.

Jill: That’s not my shade.

Jack: Then it must not be lipstick.

Jill: Are you sure?

Jack: As sure as you are of it not being your shade. Where’s the stain anyway?

Jill: Near the pocket.

Jack: Oh!!! Come on, Jill. You and your false alarms. My pen had leaked.

Jill: Oh, Yes!!!! That makes more sense.

Jack: And anyway, an affair with someone who wears blue lipstick? Really!!?

Jack and Jill # 3

Jill: I bet you can’t lose even a kilo off this belly of yours.

Jack: Oh, really?

Jill: Yes, REALLY.

Jack: What if I can?

Jill: You cannot. You just can NOT.

Jack: Ok I hear you. But what if I do?

Jill: Well, in that case, you’ll get anything you ask of me.

Jack: Ok. One Extra Cheese Large Margherita Pizza.

Jack and Jill # 2

Jack: I’m home, honey. Where are you?

Jill: Here, in the kitchen.

Jack: What are you doing? Come here. We need to talk.

Jill: I’m chopping; wait, I’m coming.

Jack: Actually you know what? Never mind.

Jill: What? Tell me.

Jack: Nothing.

Jill: What is it?

Jack: It is something that I should not be telling you while you’ve a knife in your hand.



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