Jack and Jill # 7

Jack: I didn’t know you would really make me cook dinner tonight.

Jill: What not? You lost the bet. You have to cook.

Jack: It was a stupid bet.

Jill: Yes. Stupid enough to drag you in.

Jack: And I can’t believe I lost the bet in the first place.

Jill: Believe it, honey, because you did.

Jack: How didn’t I know how much cash I had in my wallet?

Jill: That is the gamble that worked out well for me.

Jack: Anyway, how to cook rice?

Jill: I am calling the pizza place for delivery, as backup. Just in case.

Jack: No. No. I can cook. You guide me. I will cook.

Jill: Don’t worry. Pizzas, My treat! I’ve got twelve hundred bucks.

Jack: That is exactly how much was short on my guess in the bet.

Jill: *winks*

Jack: Youuuuu!!!

Grammar Gang

“Do you think you would make sense without Me? I don’t think so.” Noun said.

“And do you Think you would, without me?” Verb questioned.

“But I am what I am. I don’t need to use you.” Noun said.

“Well, I think you just Did.” Verb was prompt to respond.

“So what; You used me too. Hunh!” Noun shrugged.

“Stop it guys. You both are Boring frames on the wall without my Awesome company.” Adjective jumped into the word-war-one.
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The Usual Hero


Some wise men, the elderly, once told me – the day would come when all the efforts I had put in to make you joyous would be disregarded in a jiffy. I didn’t believe them. But they had a reason to be confident of what they cautioned me. They had been there. They knew how it must feel to be overshadowed by some strangers who would swoop in from nowhere and take away all your sweat in a snap of fingers. Continue reading “The Usual Hero”

11 Things You Didn’t Know About The “N : X” Blogs


Let’s hire a spy to snoop another spy snooping someone else.
Let’s pick up an eraser and rub out the writing on another eraser.
Let’s make a python swallow itself starting from its own tail.
Let’s pickup a magnifying glass and zoom at the other magnifying glass.
Let’s shoot a bullet!

It would be fun, I thought. What do you say? Shall we? Continue reading “11 Things You Didn’t Know About The “N : X” Blogs”



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