You Can Pen

What is it about writing that is so fascinating? What is it about writing that gets me high? What is it about writing that rejuvenates my dreary spirit?

There would be, and there are, plenty ways to communicate, to express, to convey. But what is it about inscription that differentiates it from every other medium of expression? Ever wondered? Continue reading “You Can Pen”

Jack and Jill # 4

Jill: I found a stain on your shirt. I bet that’s lipstick. Whose is it?

Jack: It must be yours.

Jill: That’s not my shade.

Jack: Then it must not be lipstick.

Jill: Are you sure?

Jack: As sure as you are of it not being your shade. Where’s the stain anyway?

Jill: Near the pocket.

Jack: Oh!!! Come on, Jill. You and your false alarms. My pen had leaked.

Jill: Oh, Yes!!!! That makes more sense.

Jack: And anyway, an affair with someone who wears blue lipstick? Really!!?

Jack and Jill # 3

Jill: I bet you can’t lose even a kilo off this belly of yours.

Jack: Oh, really?

Jill: Yes, REALLY.

Jack: What if I can?

Jill: You cannot. You just can NOT.

Jack: Ok I hear you. But what if I do?

Jill: Well, in that case, you’ll get anything you ask of me.

Jack: Ok. One Extra Cheese Large Margherita Pizza.



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