My e Is Leaking

Thinking about an occasion as you want to dip into a big bowl of choco-nutty scoop, but your low fat plan is flashing by you? You think you would control by hook or by crook but as it turns out, as you forbid your pull, itch to wolf lifts its hood akin to a cobra. This is ditto. You turn numb, you lack words and you don’t know what to say. But, days in past always tutor. This is how it works too. You must hang in and cross finish mark; anyhow, huffing, puffing, crawling, and with focus on your goal.

And bam I think I just did it!

Wondering what was all this about?

Well, I was nominated for the Allergic to ‘E’ challenge by Neerja and this was it. I was supposed to write a paragraph without using the alphabet ‘E’.

Yes, you may want to go back and read that again. Go on. I’ll wait.

Ok now that you’re back, Here are the rules of the challenge:

  1. Write a paragraph without using the letter “e” in any of the words.
  2. Nominate at least five friends/bloggers for the challenge. They must do it within 24 hours of being nominated or it is considered as failure.
  3. If you fail or duck, suffer in the Hall of Lame.
  4. If you win, wallow in the Hall of We.
  5. You may think I have gone nuts and ignore this, but take a moment. I say, try this. It is more fun than it sounds.

To take the Allergic to ‘E’ challenge, I nominate:

Good Luck!

Love & Peace,

Quotes Challenge | Day 1 of 3

Quotes Challenge

How awesome does it feel when the words that you write become the reason for you to get to know some amazing people and writers from around the globe.

It also earns you the opportunities of doing exciting stuff as the one I am doing right now.

Nimz Revealed and Deepika Kumaaraguru unknowingly-simultaneously nominated me for the Quotes Challenge. I had no clue of what it is all about until I read their post the way you are reading mine right now.

And once I read it, I couldn’t wait but jump into it as Quotes are one of my favorite ways of expressions.

Wondering how it works?

Ok, here is what you need to do if the Quotes Challenge is thrown at you:

  1. You thank the person (persons – in my case) who nominated you. So here is a big Thank You to Nimz and Deepika for making me a part of this.
  2. You post 3 Quotes for 3 days. So, 3 * 3 = 9 quotes in total.
    You can post any quotes that you like; they may be by anyone. I have chosen to post my own quotes.
  3. With each day’s post, you nominate 3 of your other friends/bloggers for the challenge. So again, 3 * 3 = 9 nominations in total.

Sounds doable? Yes? Yes.

Here We Go!

Quote # 1-1

Quotes Challenge # 1-1

Quote # 1-2

Quotes Challenge # 1-2
Quotes Challenge # 1-2

Quote # 1-3

Quotes Challenge # 1-3

My Nominations for the Day

Nomination # 1-1 : Srichandra
Nomination # 1-2 : Shubhangi Pandey
Nomination # 1-3 : gypsyess

You are free to duck the challenge. But trust me and grab it. It would be so much fun!

Ok, I’m done for the day. Over to you! 🙂

By the way, you are welcome to drop by at my Quotes Page.

Love & Peace,

Here is the sequel : Quotes Challenge | Day 2 of 3

Jack and Jill # 5

Jill: Do you think I need a new haircut?

Jack: Why? This one is cute. Suits you.

Jill: So, you are saying, the new one will not suit me?

Jack: I am not saying that. I am just saying this one suits you.

Jill: Well, the new one can suit too. Can’t it?

Jack: Of course, it can. And It Will. Go and get a new one. Ok?

Jill: Why? You don’t like this one?

Jack: *stares*

Jill: What??? *rolls eyes*

Jack: *sighs* Nothing!

You Can Pen

What is it about writing that is so fascinating? What is it about writing that gets me high? What is it about writing that rejuvenates my dreary spirit?

There would be, and there are, plenty ways to communicate, to express, to convey. But what is it about inscription that differentiates it from every other medium of expression? Ever wondered? Continue reading “You Can Pen”

Jack and Jill # 4

Jill: I found a stain on your shirt. I bet that’s lipstick. Whose is it?

Jack: It must be yours.

Jill: That’s not my shade.

Jack: Then it must not be lipstick.

Jill: Are you sure?

Jack: As sure as you are of it not being your shade. Where’s the stain anyway?

Jill: Near the pocket.

Jack: Oh!!! Come on, Jill. You and your false alarms. My pen had leaked.

Jill: Oh, Yes!!!! That makes more sense.

Jack: And anyway, an affair with someone who wears blue lipstick? Really!!?



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