Thirty Third Thing

She scanned through the racks as he tagged along with a trolley.

“What’s next?” she asked as she picked up a refill pack of ketchup from the lower shelf.

“Corn Flakes” he said and ticked off ketchup from the long list of monthly grocery.

She always hand-wrote the grocery list for she knew he loved reading it in her handwriting. It reminded him of the times when she would tiptoe to slide the handwritten love letter under his hostel room’s door. She had been gutsy since forever.

After marking off all as Done in the list, they approached the cash counter.

While they waited in the queue for their turn to get billed, she looked around and the supermarket’s marketing strategy hit the bulls-eye. Continue reading “Thirty Third Thing”

A Wisp and The Wind

On the sunny winter morning of a Sunday, she did what she loved – gardening. She had seen them turn from little seeds to lush green, leafy and fruity plants. She loved them as if they were her babies.

Beholding her from a corner of the eyes, he pretended reading a newspaper sitting on the garden chair with a cup of steaming tea in hand. Continue reading “A Wisp and The Wind”



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