A Wisp and The Wind

On the sunny winter morning of a Sunday, she did what she loved – gardening. She had seen them turn from little seeds to lush green, leafy and fruity plants. She loved them as if they were her babies.

Beholding her from a corner of the eyes, he pretended reading a newspaper sitting on the garden chair with a cup of steaming tea in hand. Continue reading “A Wisp and The Wind”

The Wait

Old Couple

It was five in the evening.

Through the living room, rays of balmy sunshine of a winter evening showered across the kitchen. Her grey hair shone stylishly. Even at seventy, her face glowed with the charm that could beat that of a teenager.

She sieved steaming tea in two cups. With trembling hands, she picked up the cups and walked slowly to the balcony where the rocking chair waited to host her like every evening. He stood at a corner of the balcony watching children playing on the ground at a little distance. Continue reading “The Wait”



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