Shaktiman – Meghdhanush : Something Fun

Hardly any Indian child who grew up in the 90’s does not know who Shaktiman is. If you belong to that generation, I need to say no more. But, if you don’t, I would elaborate a bit for you, with pleasure. I am the kind kind of a guy, you know. 😉

Shaktiman (which translates as ‘Powerful’) was a Hindi weekly serial to telecast in the 90’s on the Indian National Television when Digital Media was mostly just about that.

Shaktiman would remain in disguise generally and fight evil in the society. Spiderman. Batman. Same strategy, you know already. Thanks to his superpowers and trademark spin to fly from one place to the other (with the whooff whooff sound and fascinatingly funny visual effects), Shaktiman pretty much managed to get better of Tamraj Kilvish, the chief of the evils. So he was India’s first Superhero in true sense. Continue reading “Shaktiman – Meghdhanush : Something Fun”

7 Limited, 1 Unlimited

In an isolated hostel campus, when you don’t have any real options for food except a messy mess, a new option to eat, it is orgasm for stomach.

“Guys, a new eatery has opened by the barber’s shop today. We must go check it out.” As the sun was set to set, Bubba rushed in with matchless energy for his love for food was known to the whole group.

JP quickly stood up from his I-don’t-give-a-shit-to-the-world mode from the muddled bed for he was a partner in crime with Bubba when it came to being a foodie.

In no time, the eight of us, the gang mates, assembled at the gate to go and check out –read, attack- the new food joint. Continue reading “7 Limited, 1 Unlimited”

Circus within Circus

“Daddy, we will go to cilcus tonight.” The first thing I heard as I entered my bedroom.

Tip: Gilaffe equals Giraffe, Lain equals Rain and Hulley equals Hurrey. You join the dots.

After her daily follow-up and my procrastination for about a fortnight, my three year old, Gulu, decided to switch from request-mode to declaration-mode.

Running out of reasons to postpone, finally I surrendered. I nodded in approval.

“Wow! Yey!” she jumped in joy and rushed uncontrollably towards me to give me a hug – actually, to give my legs a hug.

I tapped on her head as she went back to her teaching class where she had made six of her teddy bears sit tidily in two queues of three each; needless to say, she was the teacher.  Continue reading “Circus within Circus”



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