What’s Knots of Thoughts?

Knots of Thoughts is an expression of Life!

How we cope up with what life throws at us and how we emerge smiling is all about it, isn’t it?

At Knots of Thoughts, everything merges into words and aims to leave its footprints in the reader’s mind and heart.

I always look forward to your views on how do you find everything that you read in this little world of mine, how would you like them better or whatever it is.

Anything. Write to me 🙂

Love & Peace,


    1. Thanks for following Anoop. Feel free to roam around various categories of posts on my blog and do not forget to leave your feedback. It matters a lot to me. Thank you 🙂

  1. Hi, that’s an interesting title and even better was the tagline.. 🙂

    Captive enough to stumble in to explore..

    The posts are intriguing enough to like and follow.. 😉

      1. You can post your own quotes… M sure it will be worth reading & inspiring.. 🙂

        BTW, You are also famous among bloggers.. 🙂

        1. Great, I will try to come up with something worth posting and complete the challenge in a few days.
          And about me being famous? – Good one! Tell me another joke 🙂 😛

            1. Haha. Ok this could go on for a while. So let’s break and let us see how much fame does this challenge get me? Kidding. 😛 Thank you again for nominating me.

  2. hello tejas.
    Thank you for calling by and wanting to follow my blog. I read some of your posts and I swear, they were enough to make me believe that you are a talented writer.
    Therefore, i’m following your blog back.
    Looking forward to read more from you!

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