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Grab Your Star

While the world keeps trying to find equilibrium between good and evil with each passing day as the sun and the star shine, my little one, you will continue growing up. It is inevitable.

As you grow up, nothing will change if YOU don’t. And everything will change, if YOU do.

There would be numerous things which you love as a kid today and the same things will end up turning boring as you grow up. Don’t let it happen. Loving something should not change just because years are added to your life. Let the child remain alive in you. Keep loving the stuff you love today. Enjoy playing in the sandpit even when you have your own little one decades down the line.

It may sound absurd if I tell you today that what you are inside will eventually end up being what you are surrounded with. It is a fact. The world is what we, as humanity, do on day to day basis. You do your bit and the others will follow. It is a little complicated than what I am making it sound here though.

You will face challenges from everyone who wants to tilt the world’s equilibrium to the evil side. You will have to eat a lot, put on a lot of weight and sit on the virtuousness side of the see-saw.

Every night, go to bed as a better person than you were when you woke up that morning. Make the world a better place for everyone around you and it will automatically become a great place for yourself. It doesn’t need giant actions. It just needs kindness and humanity. Practice it and master it.

While doing all this and amid all the responsibilities that the world will pile upon your shoulders without giving you a choice of denial, chasing your dreams is going to be a mammoth task. But make sure you do it. Refrain from doing what you don’t enjoy or you don’t believe in. It is a multifaceted maze through which you will need to pass to do what you really love and want. But it does not take anything away from your will to achieve what you really want.

As you aim for the stars, there will be pitch black clouds hovering in your way. But believe me. With every thunderstorm that comes your way and passes by, a bright and sunny morning inches closer. And a cloudless night will follow where your star will be in sight and within reach. Never lose hope. Never let hope lose hope.

You are my moon. Go, grab your star.

Photo Credit: Alexas_Fotos


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