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Thank You (and Sorry)!

Honestly, I don’t believe in numbers. However, some numbers mean a little more than my not believing in numbers and a little more than mere digits. This number is one of those. Thank you.

Out of the daily hassle and tussle with the world and within, when something comes up like a ray of sunshine amid dense jet black clouds, it deserves due appreciation and a bow of respect. This blog has been that ray for me.

When I started this blog a little more than a year back, it was just meant to be a dump yard where I could vomit my creativity just because in my otherwise boring job, there was no scope for it. But as I went along, a few fantastic writers were discovered and what started as a plain pastime turned into a passion. In fact, at some point, it turned into an addiction where I could not sleep until I wrote something each day. That is what it is meant to be, I guess. The drug. The addiction.

So, a bigger than the biggest ‘Thank You’ to you all for being so supportive, encouraging and sometime unreasonably praising. I doubt if my work deserves that. But, I will take it anyway. 😉

I always tell my friends that I am just someone who loves to write. I’m not a ‘writer’ (yet). It may sound weirdly the same thing, but there is a difference. Being a writer, it is my responsibility to give back to my readers what they deserve like good quality content to read regularly. I don’t think I do that. On the other hand, with being someone who just loves to write, I am answerable only to myself, which is the case for now. I can use that as an escape window from responsibilities of a ‘writer’.

But with all said and done about not being answerable to anyone, with the followers on my blog, whom I take seriously, I owe them regular something to read from me. When someone follows a blog, they ‘expect’. And Living up to those expectations is a responsibility. I may not be absolutely at par with those expectations. Hence, the Sorry.

But I promise to spread smiles and happiness through whatever I write in times to come. And I promise to be more regular. Promise.

Thank you all once again for being such an amazing reflection of my words. You have been fabulous. Please keep the love flowing. It is my ink.




  1. Congratulations, Tejas Anna, this notification actually should have come way sooner 🙂 Keep bringing more riveting blogs into this already captivating website of yours. Your posts are deep, clever, moving, funny, and extremely insightful, and it’s a great pleasure to be one speck in the 500 to follow your blog. The number is going to be doubled very soon. Keep rocking and always stay blessed.
    P.S. Looking forward to more Jack and Jill episodes! 😀

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