Just Like That

Be the Key

The key, while entering a lock, does not know if she is meant for him.

Still, she goes in and tries to unlock what he is holding tight inside. She tries to release the shackles. She goes in with a hope of setting him free.

Even when she fails, she at least tries to alter some levers. She tries to bring some change inside him. She may not succeed in setting him totally free but she makes him believe that she tried to get him out of that situation.

The lock, on the other hand, is helpless. He cannot set himself free on his own. He needs a key. The right key. But still, with every key’s attempt, a hope is born. Even with the wrong key. The hope is born.

‘She would be the one’ he feels at each key’s attempt. With each failed attempt, the hope only rises for the next one.

The key gives the lock a hope. Be the Key for the locks around you.

Not because hope is everything. But because, hope can take care of everything else.

Photo Credit: MabelAmber


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