The Other Side

Through the safe haven
Looking at the world
Is never the real deal
Nor does it make you feel
What it is actually meant to,
What the god would intend to.

Things may seem as they are,
Right in front of your eyes, they may pass.
But they are far away from real,
When seen through a glass.

Flowers may seem blossomed
Through the crystal clear glass
But what about the fragrance
And the scent of innocence
That you might have inhaled
Had you stepped out?

The drizzle and the rain
That seemed subtle
Through the glass
Would have drenched your soul
Through their sheer shower of love
Had you stepped out.

The water droplet
That was having fun
As it chased the other one
Right from the top
To the bottom of the frame
Down the window glass
Making its way through
The streams of drops
Also was on the other side of the glass.
The fun lies on the wet side of the glass.

The fragrance, the rain, the noise, the gain.
Everything is on the other side of the glass.

Painting By: Stuti Shah


  1. Beautiful perspective and how effortlessly you have drawn it here. Another perspective of rain. I, most often, just imagine jumping in rain, reading books along those lines 😀 Loved reading this Tejas!

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