Just Like That

The Story of a Poem

Once upon a time, there was a poem. She was not just words. She was not just punctuation marks. She was an expression.

Though everyone would come, read her and often appreciate, she was pretty much all by herself most of the times. She would just sit back, reflect on her own self and wonder what she was. And why she was what she was.

She would avoid talking to the other poems. Even if one would come to cheer her up, she would pass. Not because she did not want to be happy. But because, she did not know if she was meant to be happy. She wanted to know the purpose of her existence. She wanted to understand the feeling that she was meant to convey.

She was scared. She was scared that conversing with a happy poem may make her happy when she was meant to carry the burden of tragedy. Or she may be saddened by another woeful poem when she was meant to spread smiles. She was scared that what if she was meant to scare and she would end up cracking up just because she was tickled by a funny poem.

She chose solitude over infection. This was not meant to last everlastingly though.

One fine day, she saw two poems, poles apart, mingling and sharing their feelings. One was filled with tears and the other full of cheers. They both lacked something. The happy one lacked tears and the sad one lacked smiles. The both were incomplete. But when the lone poem saw them together, she discovered magic.

The two incompletes on their own were double a complete, when together. They both were happy and sad at the same time. They were complete, exactly how it should be. A little bit of everything.

She came out of her hideout of scared seclusion. She found everything, every other poem, waiting for her with open arms. She found what she was meant to convey by looking in the other poems’ eyes.

When they looked at her with joy, she shared her sorrow. When they looked anger, she conveyed peace. When they looked at her with agony, she expressed ecstasy. She completed them. And magically, in turn, she felt complete.

And as they say, she lived happily ever after.

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