A Little Bit of Everything

I Am a Tad Dark and a Stroke of Light,
Shades of a Black and a Pinch of White.
I am Not Just One.
I Cannot Be Just One.
I Don’t Want To Be Just One.
I Want To Be Free.
Free To Be What I Want, When I Want.

I May Be a Cat Some Day Or a Goat,
I May Feel Fat Some Day Or I May Float.
You Know, There Shouldn’t Be Any Rules.
I Don’t Like Rules.
Because Rules Rule. And I’m a mere Fool.
A Fool Who is Stupid Enough to Be Free.
Free From The Boundaries Of The Rules.
Free From The Perceptions Of How Things Must Be.
Free From The Introspection For Where I Must Head.
My Introspection, Too, Must Be Free To Float.
Float In Any Way, In Every Way.

I May Be Anger or Peace,
I May Begin, or may Cease.
I May Be Danger, I May Be Comfort.
May Be Messy or the Sorted Head,
Someday I May Be Sure Sorts
Or Someday I May Be, A May Be.
You Know What I Mean!
So, That’s All About It, I guess.
Nothing Must Be Permanent, Nor Is It anyhow.
So Why Not You and I Just Be
A Little Bit of Everything Every Then and Now.

Photo Credit: padrinan


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