She Had Always Been
What She Is Today.
She Had Always Been
What She Will Be Tomorrow.
She Had Been As Strong.
She Had Been As Kind.
She Had Been As Fiery.
She Had Been All Fine.
All This While.

It Was He Who Made Her
What She Thought She Never Was.
It Was He Who Thought Of Her
As What She Never Wanted To Be.
Fragile, Vulnerable, Weak,
Not Able, Or Allowed, To Speak.
But She? She Is Not That.
She Never Was.
She Was Who Made Him.
She Was Who Had His Back
When the World Turned Face
And He’d Soak In Disgrace.
She Was Who Had the Guts
To Go Through
What Would Crush
The Toughest Of Him,
To Go Through
What Would Make Her
Stronger By Breaking.
She Was Who Had the Spirits
To Fight All Odds
And Even Gods.
She Was Who Had Reasons
To Hold Her Head High With Pride
Just By Being What She Was.
She Was Always This Way.
He Could Not See.
She Was Always Kept At Bay
From What He Could Never Be.

She. Power.
She. Love.
She. Dove.
She. Sacrifice.
She. Child.
She. Grace.
She. Beauty.
She. Duty.
She. Strength.
She. Enough.
She. Never Enough.
She. Today.
She. Tomorrow.
She. Always!

Photo Credit: jill111


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