Just Like That Love

The Night

‘We should save it for the special night’ she had said. He had agreed.

The special night. The night when the stars would twinkle a tad more. The night when the moon would shine to the crescendo. The night when Swans would dance. The night when smoke would rise out of the ice cubes.

A hectic day of wedding and tiring process that preceded it, were incapable of taking away the charm of the night – the special night – for them.

He stood by the window as soothing midnight breeze romanced his freshly bathed hair.

Resembling a fairy, she appeared from the bathroom. With hair tied with a white towel, she looked irresistible. Silky red robe covered her steaming hot body trying not to give away the amazing sensuality she possessed.

She stood in front of the mirror and untied the towel from her head. Drizzly hair were set free to soak the laces on her shoulders in dripping bids of water, one drop at a time. With each droplet that touched her body and rolled down, his breath started turning rapider and so did hers. Her eyes had the charm enough to make the world’s cruelest hater surrender.

He looked at her, through the mirror. The struggles they had gone through to be united forever flashed in front of their eyes in a jiffy. They smiled the smile of satisfaction.

He walked up to her and embraced from behind. Their blushing red cheeks tried to take cover behind each other. His arms wrapped around her waist as he tenderly kissed her moist neck. She smelled like fresh daisies. She held his arms firmly hoping it would help her moderate the rush of excitement. She was wrong; it backfired. As her nails pinched his arms, the kiss turned firmer and the grasp inseparable.

She closed her eyes as the feeling had gone way beyond what could meet her eyes. With the cutest smile, she turned around shyly and rested her head on his chest. Thumping heartbeats synchronized. Cupid smiled and evaporated to let them take over the world of love.

Photo Credit: Takmeomeo


  1. Tejas anna, you’re always amazing with words and the style of stringing them together to form captivating sentences. This was very alluring and so romantic. Wonderfully penned! 🙂

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