Just Like That

When I’m Gone

I don’t want to cause pain. I don’t want to remain. I don’t want to depart in parts. I don’t want to linger in hearts.

When I am gone, I want to be gone. Like, really, absolutely, GONE!

And if I know myself, this will happen. Not because you wouldn’t give a damn if I’d be around, or not. But because the moments we have shared should be enough to inspire smiles. My physicality should not be needed. At all. I want it to happen. I know it will happen. I know.

The worst I could leave you and the world with would be pain and emptiness in hearts. In the hearts of those whom I have ever loved, even for a bit or for eternity.

My love is flawed if it does not suffice for you in my absence. My love is unsound if my physicality is requisite for it to be showcased. My love is a matter of weakness if it cannot strengthen you when I cannot put my hand on your shoulder. My Love. My love is not that sorts. Not at all. I know. You know, too.

My love must be the source of your smile and not the reason of your tear. My love must be the soil to fill my void in your heart and nurture what remains with you – Life. I don’t want you to think of me. But if at all you do, I want you to think of me and giggle. I want you to think of me and read this. I want you to think of me and….. Stop it. Right there. And leave it while your smile shines in the brightest of your spirits.

When I am gone, let me remain gone.

Photo Credit: Antranias


  1. I love this so much! And honestly.. I recently lost my sister and I feel this is how she would feel and this really helps in my “grieving process” so thank you!

      1. Your poem definitley helps me to do that! I actually am considering printing it off so I can read it as needed. Thank you so much for your kind words! I appreciate that so much!

        1. Oh! If my poem makes you feel like printing it so that you can lift your spirits when you need, that is a huge thing to know for me. Thank you for loving it so much. And take care of yourself. 🙂

  2. This one is sad but a touchy one 🙂 Sometimes these thoughts just need a pen down because that helps rather than watering them 🙂

  3. You are truly gifted. This is so exquisitely beautifully written that the tears did glisten. You have a way with words, so we never wish you with your poetry ever to be gone.

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