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What Matters?

What Matters?

Happiness or having a reason for happiness? What matters?

I don’t understand the need of a reason to be happy. I cannot justify it. Being unable to be happy just because there is no reason is like a tree deciding to stop giving shelter just because there is no one underneath to enjoy the shadow amid heat. It does not make sense. You are born to be a tree who would give shelter, for no reason.

The pursuit of happiness is more precisely, and more generally, the pursuit of a reason for happiness. Stop rushing there. Stay where you are. Be happy where you are; for no reason, for no reason at all.

Not easy? I know. Learn it. And Trust me. It is easier than finding the reason. Yes, it is.

Celebrate for no reason. Take a quiet walk after everyone is asleep; even at the risk of being mistaken as a ghost. Buy a pastry and gulp it standing right there at the cake shop. Follow your heart. Go up to a stranger and with a smile, tell them they are beautiful; just tell it and turn away. Offer a lonely elderly few minutes of company at a park. Feed a stray dog. Make a nest for the birds. Walk in a park with your eyes closed, and helmet on. Piggyback someone you love. Sketch mountains. Read to a blind. Write letters, and kiss them before posting. Sing while you Dance until you run out of breath. Throw the water balloons. Play snakes and ladders. Scream at a mirror. Make catapult and shoot at the fruits on a tree. Get down the stairs skipping alternate steps. Try to rhyme your steps on a walkway with a stranger walking in front of you. Stare pointlessly at the pendulum of the wall clock. Tickle a toddler.

Spread smiles and on the way, you’ll earn a few for yourself.

Think! Do you really need a reason every time? What matters?

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