1. Nice 🙂 Just as I saw the number 57 out here ..I recalled what I once said to you that I would try my hand on haiku 😛 you have reached no 57 and I haven’t written even one 😀 Now I have started writing Limericks 🙂 thanks to rashmi’s challenge 😛 But I will surely write a haiku someday 😛

    1. hehe. It happens in the spur of a moment, Neerja. When in the moment, you’ll feel like writing a Haiku, you will be at it in a flash. I have been away from reading (and also writing) of late, but I will be catching up soon on your posts.

      1. 😛 Oh ..The flash moment is yet to come 😀 Yeah I noticed your absence I thought you must be busy doing dandiya 😛
        Anyways take your time …will appreciate your comments on my new posts 🙂

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