By My Side

One Fine Day, Like a Child’s Play,
Through All my Troubles,
Riding Rainbow Bubbles,
You Arrived, You Smiled.
To my Sorrows, You Aligned,
To Remain for Forever,
By My Side.

None of Your Shades, Never Ever Fades,
Your Grin, So much So Childlike.
And in Your Eyes, Oh, that Sparkly Spike.
To the Fires of My Life,
You are the Extinguisher.
For the Sorrows of My Life,
Your Hug is the Crusher.
World doesn’t Scare me Anymore
Just at the Thought of Having You
By My Side.

Fights are a Part, that Sets us Apart
From the Rest of the World,
Who Claims to Define Love.
Quarrel and Spats,
Pats on the Backs,
All Fuse like a Mellow Ice-cream Sundae.
No Wonder, each of Our Days
Is a Tasty, Yummy, Fun Day.
When You are Right there
By my Side.

I Wondered, how Someone
Is So Kind to Me,
As to Granting me
A Trump Card at Each Bet.
Before I Recalled the Night,
When at a Shooting Star,
I had Wished, Not So Far,
To have You for Forever,
By My Side.

Photo Credit: Unsplash


        1. Love and the feeling of having someome by your side has various forms like with the lover or the friends or the siblings or the friends whom we know but we have never met. So this poem can be seen in so many different perspectives.

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