My Dear Traitor

Smartness is in Your Soul,
Bursting on the Whole.
Hiding behind Masks,
I Know How You Switch Your Role.

When I Fall For You,
You Mistake It for Your Win.
Whilst to tell the Truth,
Peace is for What I’m Always Keen.

As You Backstab Me With a Knife,
With a Wish to Snatch My Life,
My Armor of Truth Shows Up,
Milky White, It Glows Up.

Fright Hugs Your Depravity,
And You Feel To Be Buried,
Thanking the Gravity,
Six feet Under Earth.
In Your Soul that You Claim You Have,
I Hope It Left a Big Black Cavity.

Oh My Dear Traitor,
I Wish You Could See You
The Way I Do.
Oh Dear Conspirator,
I Wish You Could
Read My Clue.

Photo Credit: bykst

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