Just Like That


Why does it always have to be that something must be going on in my mind? In my heart? Why?

Why can’t I just be void so that nothing can hurt me and I hurt nothing? Why can’t numbness swathe me from all sides and up and down for no season can swing my moods? Why everything can’t turn grey and I cannot make out the blacks and the whites apart? Why? Why not?

Why can’t my heart be annulled for sensation? Why can’t my mind be the vacuum where thoughts find no place to land, or survive?

Why can’t I just be empty? For a day, may be?

Empty of the smiles, and of the tears. Empty of the courage, and also of the fears. Empty of the laughter and the frowns. Empty of the slavery and of the crowns.

Why can’t my soul be empty, empty even of emptiness, where nothing exists, nothing survives. For a day? For no reason? May be?


  1. hmm…mind has its own mind and it works as when it pleases him 🙁 The only solace and peace or emptiness you can feel is through meditative experiences 🙂

        1. But, meditation is different for a person to person, you know? I may not need to sit in a quiet place and I may not need soothing music to meditate. Sometimes, just a chaotic and furious pillow fight with my little one may be a stress buster and relieve all my pains. I call that my Meditation 🙂

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