Shadow of Sunshine

What would You Get
By Going Beyond
What is Expected of You, They Asked?
What would You Gain
By Giving Away
Your Time and Love, They Asked?

I Am the Giver.
I Am the Healer.
Of the Smiles,
I’m Blanket Dealer.

I’m Just of that Sort, You Know,
I Don’t Mind Taking
The Longer Lines
To Kill Your Whines.

You May Deal in Profit and Loss
You are Free, You’re the Boss.
Who am I to Ask You for Favor
To Be as Kind – or Foolish, as You Term It.

What You Give May Not Be
Even Meant for You.
Ask The Tree
The Fruit Who Grew.
I Promise, I’d Try
To Be Just Like You,
With Whatever You Do
I Will Be Fine,
The Day You Show Me
Shadow of The Sunshine.

Photo Credit: foulline


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