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Hardly any Indian child who grew up in the 90’s does not know who Shaktiman is. If you belong to that generation, I need to say no more. But, if you don’t, I would elaborate a bit for you, with pleasure. I am the kind kind of a guy, you know. 😉

Shaktiman (which translates as ‘Powerful’) was a Hindi weekly serial to telecast in the 90’s on the Indian National Television when Digital Media was mostly just about that.

Shaktiman would remain in disguise generally and fight evil in the society. Spiderman. Batman. Same strategy, you know already. Thanks to his superpowers and trademark spin to fly from one place to the other (with the whooff whooff sound and fascinatingly funny visual effects), Shaktiman pretty much managed to get better of Tamraj Kilvish, the chief of the evils. So he was India’s first Superhero in true sense.

Not to forget the cherry on the cake; a little piece of advice he would leave for the kids at the end of each episode.

The generation was so much in awe of Shaktiman (including me) that we used to rush from school on Saturdays so that we don’t miss the title track.

More than a decade later, an Experimental Rock/Pop band, Meghdhanush, covered the title track of Shaktiman with fresh sound and their creative touch. An innovative and fun filled video took it to another level.

The video has more than 1,00,000 views on youtube; you should check it out and I promise you will share it.

It is fun stuff, after all and who doesn’t love to smile a bit and share a few smiles too while walking down the nostalgic memory lanes. 🙂

Love and Peace.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the post and walking down memory lane. Shaktiman with his trademark swirls in a torpedo effect will always be a household hero from our childhood days.

  2. Tejas anna ? Long time no see 😀 How are you? The very post I had the fortune of setting my eyes on the second I directed myself to your blog was downright awesome 😀 As always 😉 I love Shaktimaan too ? I remember watching this on Pogo channel every evening several years ago. And that video is epic! 😀 XD Hahaha. I laughed out loud when those guys began jumping around with that signature pointy index. Gotta love Gangadhar. His silly and goofy toothy grin along with Geeta’s expression always cracked me up 😀 And yes, I admit I wished several times for the hero to whirl himself into my house 😀 So I can go ‘Yay! Whee!’ 😀

  3. Doctor Jackal ??? OMG!!! Every 90s kid will love this!!! Shakti Shakti shaktiman!! Shakti Shakti shaktiman ??? Gangadhar! Geeta!!

    Wow!! I miss them less technologically advanced days ❤ The Golden 90s ❤

  4. Lolol this was awesome!:D
    I do remember watching this but I don’t remember anything else except for Shaktiman in his costume and him being a geeky guy otherwise.
    Annnd,the going in circles with the music wailing in the background, ofcourse. I can still recall the exact music. Hahaha

      1. Exactly. Foolish it was,but awesome, too! 😀
        My friends and I start talking about all the cartoons we so obsessively watched at some point of time out of the blue, and it makes for one of the most fun discussions ever. Everybody is trying to come up with a new cartoon others seem to have forgotten and the discussion goes on and on. *chuckles*
        Fabulous days, those were!*wistful sigh*

        1. So true. Each of us have our own ways of remembering our childhood. And when the other reminds us of the bits that may have been lost in our brains, discovering them makes up jump with joy. This video does take us down the memory lanes. I am sure you would share this with your friends and relive some moments again. 🙂

  5. ha ha 😀 Now this is what we call laughing down the memory lane 😛 … Oh that signature round circles with that music ..every guy tried to copy it 😛 . Wasn’t this telecast-ed on Sunday at 12 pm??

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