Do What You Love

From a Dim Light
In a Dark Room,
To the Spotlight,
I’ve Seen you Groom.

From Crashing Sounds
On a Tin Plate,
To the Tama-Zildjian,
All I can Relate.

From the Hectic Bus Rides
In the Downpour Midnight,
To the Exclusive Shows
With Food and Flight.

I Know, of an Iceberg,
This is Just a Tip.
What You’ll Make Ahead
Is Much Thick and Deep.

Greatness of the Name
And Love, Laughter and Fame,
You’ll be Surprised
At How Come it Came.

With the Same Sweat
And Same Storm,
Just Carry On to
Do What You Love
Love What You Do!

This is dedicated to my little brother on his birthday. He is a passionate musician – A Drummer, A Dreamer, A Sound Engineer, A Performer who has fought against all odds to make an unconventional career.



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