Treasure Chest

This is a Special Poem. It’s a Treasure Chest.
And YOU have to tell me What is Special about it? 🙂

As We Agree to Disagree,
I Refuse to give up Hope.
I would sweat to Fix My Fate
Despite, Steep is the Slope.

I won’t be Trapped
In the Friendzone’s name,
And I would Neither Hang On
Like an Empty Frame.

I’ll be your Santa, I will Take your Care,
Like Last Man Standing, I will be There,
Read My Eyes, The Open Book that I am.
In the journey Bittersweet,
the Bitter I will Claim.

Just In Case you Think,
I’m Just Another You,
You’re the Best Poem of Mine,
While I’m like Flu.
A Piece of Peace, Hood and Hiss
All Parts of Parcel, a Few We may Miss.
On the Two Way Street of Love and Knife,
My Pill of Passion is You, My Soul, My Life.
Loving Through The Shadow
Is Never Enough Love
Proposal would flourish
With a Twig and a Dove.

I’m Much More than
What Meets the Eye,
Night Owl that I’m,
You may Someday Cry.
Lazy For A Day I may be, by Choice,
Oh Dear Pillow and Sandwich
Would know My Voice.
The new sun may see me
As The Missile Man
Slaughterer so Cruel
You may See my Pen.

I Wish, A Part of Me
Wasn’t All for Nothing.
Fire and Ice both,
I wish, I could sing.
I Don’t Know What Happened?
If that’s because I’m Imperfect
Or You Hate my Mustache,
What’s actually the Fact?
You Better know if I Mishit
Or Build Shiny Castle
I’m here to Stay
No Matter What Be the Hassle.

What’s with the Race?
And What’s in the Name?
When I am just a Clown
And I don’t Care for Fame.
Like a Catapult
You may Push me Back
Freedom is what I See
When Love’s Shackles would Crack.

The Day may Not be Special,
Some World Elephant Day,
I would Still Say what I’m
Now here to Say.
Through the Skylight on the Roof
I may Seem a Bit Aloof
Spray Some Sparks from Lighthouse
To See Beyond my Goof.

Tracing the Trails on
Voyage of a Droplet
Right there Strolling to the Heart
I’m All Set to Blow Your Mind
As you Cuddle like Mimosa Pudica
And in Subsets, Each other we Find.
I’ll Love All with Wings of Kings.

As my Yet Another First
I Do what I Do, What Else For?
I will Leave a Bit of Myself,
In Your Heart like Soothing Petrichor!

Photo Credit: Pezibear


  1. Treasure Chest 🙂 I love the name 🙂 A treasure chest with collections(links) of all your till date published poems 🙂 Nice and innovative Idea 🙂 But still you made out a beautiful poetry out of it 🙂 Or we may call this your heart that is being opened to the outside world to peek into it 🙂

    1. Thanks Nimitha. Many of my recent followers have not been able to go through my earlier poems, so this one has links to all the poems from the past 🙂 Feel free to flashback 😉

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