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Brotherhood Bloggers Award

Neerja nominated me for the Brotherhood of the World award. I thank her for that. What do I say about Neerja except that her exciting self reflects in her posts and even in her comments. She is one positive person and full of life. Even though it is just our blogs which link us as friends, it is enough for us, I guess. 🙂 Wish you much happiness, Neerja.


  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you for the award.
  2. List the Rules and Display the Brotherhood of the World Award logo to your post and/or blog.
  3. Answer the questions set to you.
  4. Nominate around 10 bloggers. I am following Neerja’s footsteps of bending the rule by nominating just 5.
  5. Create your set of questions for your nominees.

Questions for me from Neerja:

Q1: Are you romantic person? If yes, how do you express your love for your loved ones?

Romantic? There is someone else who would be a better judge of this, I guess. For me, expression of love, or any other emotion for that matter, is more written than verbal. I hardly speak my emotions out. My gestures speak for me. The little things I do silently, the little notes that I leave for someone quietly, the hushed eye-contacts are the spokespersons of my romance. And let me tell you, it has worked like a charm so far 😉

Q2: Are you a foodie? If yes, what kind of food do you love most?

For me, food is all about quality than quantity. My pathetically little diet must not be mistaken for my repulsion for food; my frequent craving in the middle of the night would speak for it through loudspeakers. If I have to have something in the dead night, I have to have it. It may just be a bite of it thought. But that bite has to be bitten. Just to put it on the record, I am not a sweet tooth.

Q3: Do you apologies for your mistake with your closed ones?

I apologies for others’ mistakes too. 😉 I am married. 😛

Q4: Are you a good critic or bad critic?

I believe in encouragement no matter what. I can be critical when it is absolutely necessary. But I can never be throat cutting harsh. I have seen critics who criticize for the betterment of someone, sure. But the way of criticism may be to the extent that the person may loose the urge to improve; one may even loose the urge to do the same thing again. I can never be that critic.

Q5: How do you react to people who shower love on you despite of not being close to you?

I answer the questions they post when they nominate me for an award. I thank them for nominating me for so many awards that I feel like being a Rockstar at a Grammy Award Function. 🙂

My Nominations:

  1. Priya
  2. where my feet are
  3. Megan Courtney Blarr
  4. naughtybraat
  5. Prajakta

My Questions:

Q 1. What is the funniest memory of your life when you laughed so hard that you could not breathe?

Q 2. What was the funniest flirting tried on you?

Q 3. Reading / Writing / Traveling – Pick just One with reason.

Q 4. If the world is going to be hit by a huge asteroid and the earth may be no more after that, what would you be doing in the last hours?

Q 5. Suppose I arrange a meet of all the blogger friends one day. What would be your ideas about what could we do when we all meet?


Love and Peace,
Tejas 🙂


  1. You always makes it special.. You always give answers in the most witty way still carrying the content… Loved your answer for Romanticism.. 😛
    And the critic part.. You are a good critic.. The answer itself shows that..
    Now lets more awards shower on you and make you feel in the Grammy platform again.. 🙂
    Congrats brother.. 🙂 Keep going…
    All Love.. 🙂

  2. Now those were quite amusing answers 😛 I loved your idea of romanticism 😉 reading love notes is wonderful 🙂 though I am always on the other-side of this 😉 and your food thoughts have made me realized that you are one good food critic 😉 😛 Apologies ..Its the first time I am seeing an Indian man who is a apologist 😛 and the last one 😉 I got it 😛

      1. ha ha 😀 I have 6 married men in my home 😛 my two dad’s , my 2 bro in laws and my bro and yes my dear hubby 😛 So yes I have seen them and that’s why I am saying this …they are rarely apologize for the mistakes they do 😀 that too I mean after you give them a lecture for an hour or more 😛

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