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Blogger Recognition Award

It has been a day of awards for me. The third Award post for the day and I am already feeling like Michael Jackson from 1984 Grammy Awards night. 😉

As overwhelming as it is already, the fact that this nomination comes from my dear friend Srichandra, fascinates me. I can not have apt words to describe what a wonderful person she is; I am not that good a writer. And of course her amazing writing skills are above par even though she tries to convince me otherwise; she fails every time at it.

Sri, you may kill me for this but I’d leave no opportunity to tell you, Write more Often.

Rules for the Award:

  1. Provide a link to the Original Post.
  2. Write a post to show off your award along with the picture of the Award.
  3. Give a brief story about how your blog got started.
  4. Give a few words of advice to other bloggers.
  5. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  6. Nominate 15 other bloggers to give the award to (not including yourself or the person(s) who nominated you . Following Srichandra, I am changing the rule and nominating 3 bloggers.
  7. Let the bloggers nominated know they have been nominated and provide a link to the award post.

Why I started Blogging?

This answer could go on for a while. Actually, for last few weeks, deep down I had been asking myself why I started blogging. Today, as I have got this opportunity, let me share the answers with you. I would take the story a little bit more in the flashback than the actual question. Allow me. But I would try to keep it as short and honest as I can. I promise.

Writing was never my thing until I entered my twenties. It was never like Oh yes, I always wanted to become a writer!’ I never knew it.

I never knew something so simple as writing could fascinate me so much. So much so that it would turn my dull spirit into a charming one in a jiffy. My early pieces of writing were mostly in Gujarati (my mother tongue) and Hindi (my national language). Having done my schooling with Gujarati as the primary language and English just as a subject, my inclination towards writing in English began much later. Almost about when I was twenty five.

Honestly, language does not matter to me when it comes to writing. It is all about what you feel when you write and what your reader feels. The feelings arise in my heart, they transform into words and when someone reads those words and if they transform into the same feelings which originated it, I think of it as job well done. Language does not stand in the way. Feelings are much beyond the boundaries of language.

After keeping my English poems and short stories private, I came across a Love Letter Short story contest on a website in 2012. I casually participated and I happened to win the first prize. It was a special story (which you would soon read on this blog – I am just waiting for a special day to post it). This contest gave me a perspective and a boost to write more freely and confidently. And it began a story of its own.

I came across some amazing people through the journey. Srichandra, Hema, Deloret, Priyakshi, Bala, Kavya are the rewards I have received for my passion for writing.

With following Bala’s Blog for inspiration, Srichandra’s one final push and a little self-belief, one fine day, I thought why not untangle the Knots of Thoughts from my messed up brains one at a time. And that is how this blog was born.

And once it was born, there has been no looking back.

It began with a Poem – Yet Another First which was followed by various shades of life in forms of categories in days, weeks and months that followed.

Poetry | Short Stories | Quotes | Haiku | Jack and Jill | Just Like That

Each of these categories have a shade of its own. If I see it close enough, each of these is a part of me.

Though it has been just over three months, I feel like belonging to this world since forever.

I have come across some amazing bloggers from around the world, who have been so brilliantly inspirational that I have laughed, cried, smiled, pushed, punched and felt each emotion reading through their amazing work. It is impossible to list them all here. But you know, I am talking about you. 🙂

I have earned great friends who would stay close to my heart for a lifetime of my blogging. Though I don’t have much, but whatever little I have, I can put all my money on that 🙂

My Tip to the Bloggers?

Write what YOU want to Write. NOT what THEY want to Read.

And if you need some more inspiration, try this – You Can Pen!

My Nominations:

  1. Prajakta
  2. Hema
  3. Priya


Love and Peace,
Tejas 🙂


  1. Congratulations Tejas 🙂
    Although everything you wrote here was just fab ..Starting from turning a writer in twenties. .kinda my story :p but the tip you gave was just superb. .sometimes I am just so fed up what to write that interest readers and that’s just gets me so cracked up but thank you you are awesome for a great advice 🙂

  2. I was really looking forward for your writing history.. Can’t imagine that till 2012 you never took it as serious.. *Wonders*.. But happy that a contest gave you the courage to write again… 🙂
    Great tips too.. Inspiring.. 🙂
    Keep on writing… 🙂

    1. Thank you Nimitha 🙂 I did not take writing seriously before 2012 because I did not know I could write. I still don’t know if I am good enough. But I write because it makes me happy.

  3. Your ending reminds me of a beautiful song…”I don’t have many and I don’t have much; In fact I don’t have any but I’ve got enough…” from Passengers….and great Tip!

  4. First of all congrats for this one 🙂 I actually wanted to know your story as you never write memoirs so never got glimpse of how you took this journey 🙂 But I liked the way you said writing is always about emotion and the feelings …language is not a barrier 🙂 So true it is 🙂 And yes glad to know that we almost joined WP at the same time 😉 I would like to make a special comment 🙂 Your blog is very organized 🙂 And you are an inspiration for me 🙂

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