Hang On

As we Pass through the Trail of Fire,
Coals sting underneath my Feet.
I will Piggyback you the whole Time,
I promise to take you across Neat.
Hang On, Buddy.

Slacklining is no Fun, Dear,
If it weren’t for You.
As I weigh Pole each Side
I bet We’ll be Through.
Hang On, Buddy.

While Fright swathes your Poise,
And Belief seems so Old.
Well, I’m a little Scared too,
If Truth had be Told.
But, Trust me and Hang On, Buddy.

What makes me Move On
Is what You, once, Told.
Together, We can Slice Diamonds
And Singly, We are Gold.
Hang On, Buddy!

Photo Credit: Aakash Kothiya


  1. In morning I read this quote “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” how beautifully your poem goes with it 🙂

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