What Happened?

Our fingers were meant to remain tangled
As we walked down the hushed boulevard.
What loosened the grasp?
What happened?

Eyes were meant to give words to our hearts
While lips remained sealed through mundane chaos.
What gave our tongues the muscle to supersede?
What happened?

We were meant to interlace loops, one by one
On our dreams that we wished to weave.
What jumbled the threads of the wool?
What happened?

We were meant to have the keys
To the angst we threw at the other.
What made us answer with more questions?
What happened?

We were meant to count the stars together
On a moonless night lounging on the sea shore.
What rose the Sun to fade the stars away?
What happened?

We were meant to share the see-saw,
To compensate highs and lows.
What made you vanish abandoning me on the floor?
What happened?

Arms around each other were meant to be
The secured shelters amid menace of the world.
What made us dismay each other with nowhere else to go?
What happened?

Before the river merges into ocean,
And all turns sour,
We can still sip some more sweet.
We just have a few slack knots to tauten
To be what we were meant to be.
My heart is keen as a kid
To find what rests behind each
‘What Happened?’

Photo Credit: Antranias


  1. How wonderfully you have portrayed the emotions of arising distance in relationship as we grow up 🙂 Indeed we should have a heart of kid while mending the relations 🙂

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