Just Like That

Shit for Tat

Sam remote-beeped his car open while scrolling through his phone. Hearing the beep, a pretty dog – let’s call her She– peeped from underneath the car. As she saw Sam walking up to the car, she came out and waited near the driver’s door. Sam looked up from his phone to realize someone waiting with tilted head, pattering tail, drooling tongue and innocent twinkling eyes. Sam shushed but she didn’t budge. She was hungry, she moaned wishing for Sam to feed her something.

Sam, for being infamous for animal repulsion, mercilessly kicked her away. She hollered in pain on being flexed aside.

Her man, the love of her life, the rescuer of her smiles, the barrier to her tears – let’s call him Hero – appeared from behind a pillar with tail raised as firm as a radio antenna, eyes burning for revenge and ears sharp as the batman’s. Just through an eye contact, she conveyed everything to her hero. Oh, their love, so deep!

Hero walked up to the car as Sam took his seat inside. With a giant leap, the hero climbed onto the bonnet of the car and stared at Sam who seemed a little frightened even with a thick glass separating them. Hero growled; his thirst for revenge of his girlfriend’s insult and assault dripped of his teeth in the form of saliva on the car’s black bonnet.

As the poor victim watched from aside licking her leg where Sam had kicked, Sam turned the engine on. Bonnet vibrated. Hero firmed his grip. Sam rolled his window down and shouted to get the hero down from his car.

Seeing the opportunity, with a plan, the hero got down from the bonnet and stood by Sam’s door playing a fool faking a loser face. Sam mistook this for his victory, for little did he know – he had celebrated a tad too soon.

Before Sam could roll his window back up…
*slow motion*
*action sequence music*

The hero jumped up in the air like a spider-man so tall that he reached the height parallel to Sam’s face. Hero aimed with utmost focus and fired his weapon. A spray of hero’s pee sprinkled all over Sam, who glued dumbfounded in disbelief.

As the slow-mo switch off, with a quick bark, the hero signaled his girl to run. The lovers vanished in the dark with the satisfactory revenge; Sam sat stunned smelling pee all over himself.

Don’t mess without inquiring backup! A lesson was learned.

Photo Credit: JayMantri


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