I Don’t Know

I am Not the One to Know it All.
But, I don’t Play a Game.
I don’t Claim to Solve it All.
But, I don’t even Blame.
Let’s make Something Clear, Shall We?

Why should I have the Answers
To All the Question that You Float?
Why must I have the Keys
To All the Locks that You Bolt.
Yes, You may be the Master Key,
The “Master” of all Trades.
I’m rather Content with what I am,
Scoring my Honesty Grades.

You may be a Super Jet,
While I’m a tad Slow.
To the Self-proclaimed Know-All
I, proudly, Refuse to Bow.
What You find to Laugh at
I find as to Glow.
I think No Less of Me
If I can Say, I Don’t Know!

Photo Credit: OpenClipartVectors


  1. Bow? Maybe not. Have you tested the claimed know-all’s hypothesis though? And as for bowing, there’s an old saying that loosely translates as, “He cannot lead like a tiger, who will not heel like a dog.” Sounds very insulting, but it drives home the point it wants to make! 🙂

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