I’m here to Stay

A Matchless Class is Me,
I ain’t a Piece of Cake.
I can See Your Mask
And Whatever You Fake.
Well known to Me are
Your Plots and You Ploys.
I Can as well See Through
The Devils in Your Toys.

You Tried to Push Me
From Today to Yesterday.
You thought You’d Do It
As If It’s Child’s Play.
To Your Wicked Plans
I Know, I’m a Risk.
And I’m Proud of It,
When I Cut You Brisk.

I’m a Trunk Rugged
Made of Stout Steel.
As Your Scheme Drains,
Bad For You, I Feel.
Don’t Mistake Me
For a Pot Made of Clay.
Rest your Hopes in Peace,
I’m here to Stay!

Photo Credit: geralt


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