My Ways to Woo You,
My Tricks to Cue You,
All seemed to be Serving
To the Best of their Skills.
As You’d often Float a Smile
Awing enough to Kill.

‘Hi’s turned into High Fives
And Giggles into Laughs.
We shared the Smiles and
Tears were split in Halves.

Your Sorrow that I’d Borrowed,
I thought, was my win.
I could see us Both there
Mine was the Shoulder
That you Chose to Cry
What else could it Be
That all this would Imply?

It had to be a Yes!
When I chose to Go On,
I was too Late to Realize,
The Shackles of Friendzone.

Photo Credit: PublicDomainPictures


  1. Whenever you write about relationships, you always takes me to the deepest feeling.. You know how to do magic with words.. 🙂 and that’s why it always reaches deep sown the heart.. Again and again Good one.. 🙂

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