Hood and Hiss

My Eyes may Showcase
Love filled Limpidness.
Hidden under my Hood are
Intents Limitless.
I don’t care for you Pissing me Off
Once in a While,
Until you Trespass the Boundary
For the Sake of your Smile.

Forked Tongue smells Equally
If you shower Love, or if you Bully.
Don’t flow from Akshaya Patra
The Chances that I Grant.
Once I’m Done, I’m Done.
Prepare to take my Rant.
When you don’t Grasp my Hisses
You should Know,
My Sting never Misses.

Note: Akshaya Patra is an object from Hindu theology. It was a wonderful vessel given to Draupadi by the Lord Krishna, which held a never-failing supply of food to the Pandavas every day. So, metaphorically, it is termed as a magical vessel with unlimited supply of something.

Photo Credit: antriksh


    1. Animal Lover? Not sure. But I love to give words to the perspective of things (animals included) who can not say what they might want to say. You can even find many non-living objects talking to you on my blog. 🙂

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