Happy Independence Day, India!

Waking up to Fresh Breeze,
Sleeping to Peace and Dreams.
Independent We are,
We may mistake to Think.

A few Steps would make more Sense,
When we get Rid of the Fence,
We act Ridiculous, at Times.
Even a little Reckless, no Offence.

Freedom would Breathe Anew
When Religions would Bind Us.
Freedom would Breathe Renewed
When Beliefs would Guide Us
To the paths of Harmony,
Like Sweet Drops of Honey.
In the Rawness of Love
With flying Snow-White Dove.

Independence would Feel Right
When Freedom gets Free
From the Shackles of Hypocrisy.
Liberty would Feel Fitting
When Borders turn Trashy.

A few more Steps to there, I Guess.
We are Free to take Time.
Just to Validate, we don’t want
To turn Dafter, whatever may Come.
Mustn’t step Backwards
Farther from Freedom.

Photo Credit: ClkerFreeVectorImages


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