Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill # 11

Jill: Hey, do you remember my friend Nancy?

Jack: Oh, Yeah!!! I remember….. Nancy. *blushes*

Jill: *stares* Anyway. She told me there is a dance competition.

Jack: So?

Jill: So, I think we should participate. It is a couple salsa competition.

Jack: *laughs* You must be kidding, right?

Jill: No.

Jack: Dance? Me? Don’t you know me at all or what?

Jill: Come on. It would be fun.

Jack: Salsa and I are like Dogs and I. We just don’t mingle.

Jill: You can at least try.

Jack: Exempt me. We’ll do it when there is a competition for my dance form.

Jill: Your dance form? Which is that?

Jack: Swinging Hands-Twisted Face-Off balanced Legs- Tilted Head


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