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Neerja chose me to be the first nominee for this creative challenge. Thanks Neerja, but it is a responsibility of a kind to give the first tight knot to the string of many more that would join to weave a beautiful story.

Follow the link Make Your Own Story Challenge to know what this is about.

Neerja is one of the very first bloggers that I got to know on WordPress. She has been extremely kind with her comments on my blog and whatever I have written so far. I thank her for everything, including nominating me for this challenge 🙂

Rules of the challenge:

  1. You have to continue from where the nominator has left.
  2. You have to nominate only one person in this challenge.
  3. You have to write the story in next 24 hours.
  4. You have to write 100 words only.
  5. Provide the link of the earlier part of the story.
  6. You are free to end the story.
  7. And yes don’t forget to thank your nominator.
  8. Write your views about the nominee and nominator.

Story so Far…

Once upon a time their existed a wasteland in Patliputra. There lived a little boy named Aditya who was only child of Madhavi and Shankara. They used to love him a lot and wanted him to dream big and get out of this wasted land. But Aditya unlike his parents had some another dream. He wanted to improve and convert his wasteland into a dreamland where everybody wants to live. Aditya knew he had to convince his parents for this but he didn’t how will they react and whether they will approve this idea of his dreamland.

Story Continues…

The clock struck two past midnight as a stream of snowy moonlight sneaked through the swinging-with-the-breeze curtains and scattered on Aditya’s bed. As the squeaking sparrow went back inside the ancestral wall clock after two tweets, Aditya sneaked out of his bed quietly.

He stuffed pillows under his blanket in a shape to disguise as himself. He tiptoed out to the backyard. He double checked on both sides for no one following him before going behind the banyan tree.

As planned, Shivansh was already waiting for him there. A nod from both of them assured, everything was on track. Aditya plucked out a wrinkled paper from his pocket and Shivansh’s eyes twinkled with a beaming smile.


I nominate Srichandra to take this forward for so many reasons. One, she is an amazing story-teller with the little bits of life that she sprinkles on her stories. Two, she writes not as often as she should be writing. I hope, this would give her a push 🙂

Good Luck Srichandra and Thanks again, Neerja.

Photo Credit: ClkerFreeVectorImages


  1. Gosh and gasp…that I am supposed to continue this marvel from Master Blogster Tejas! I am his first fan (Iam sure he will agree on this one!) and he is kind of a guide for me…so it is a tough task to meet upto his standards but I shall give a sincere try!

  2. Wow quiet interesting… You added your twist with that wrinkled paper 😉 ….now when I look at your words and then at mine …my words feel such trash :p ….once again thanks for taking up the challenge ….:) and now i am excited how sri turns up the story 😀

    1. Nothing what ignites such an awesome idea can be trash, Neerja. So I disagree on that. And Thanks for liking the twist. I am sure Sri is going to come up with something awesome. We’ll see 🙂

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