Today, we celebrate ‘Guru Purnima‘ in India. A celebration to pay our respect to our teachers (Gurus). Humbly, I don’t consider just my academic teachers as my Gurus. Each and everyone who has ever crossed paths with me in life, has been a teacher in a way or the other. This is dedicated to them; each of them.

My First Steps were Shaky,
Far from what they may Seem Now.
Fear, too, Could’ve well taken me Over,
Had it not been for You not to Allow.

Holding my Finger,
Bolstering me with your Smile,
You absorbed my Fears,
You wiped my Tears.
I could’ve Vanished in a Jiffy,
Had it not been for Your Ease.
Sorry is not Enough, but Please,
For all my Mischiefs,
For being a Tease.
I could never thank you Enough
For Nurturing a Tiny seed’s Nub,
Till it turned into a Flowery Shrub.

I would be callously Honest, my Dear,
You were a pain in the face too, at times.
But I wouldn’t Grouse,
For in the Darkest of the Days,
You’ve been my Lighthouse.

Photo Credit: diego_torres


              1. Hahahahaha you’re kidding,right?They are fab!And that’s saying something, coming from me, as I am NOT a very appreciative person.So,whenever I say something’s great,it’s that and a little more.:D
                *grumbles under her breath*Something’s definitely up. People are blushing while talking to me instead of running off to hide.I am losing the terrifying personality ya!*smirks*

                    1. “interesting” is a relative term, if you know what I mean 🙂

                      And if this is not the kind part of yours then I may just be buried under your kindness the day you open that tap.

                    2. What do you mean?:P
                      That’s usually how you talk on stuff like WP,yeah?
                      In the comment section? Lol
                      When one of the person is a weirdo who doesn’t share any personal information about her,that’s how people usually talk,you know.*sheepish smile*

                    3. I knowwww!I have tried this a couple of times,going to my older posts and reading the entertaining conversations I had with someone interesting.:P
                      And lemme tell you,it was mind-blowing! I laughed continously after I read those.I won’t probably read this after today,but it would always be there in your comment section and when you visit this post of yours later on,you are gonna laugh real hard,I am sure.*grins*
                      Or,maybe not. Maybe I am giving too much credit to my “funny” personality.-.-
                      Ignore this self loving session of mine.*waves her hand dismissively*

  1. Aptly said …each one we meet is our guru ..our teacher …:) teaching us nuisances of life..liberating us and helping us in understanding our-self and our life in better way and making a better human being out of us 🙂
    A beautiful dedication it is 🙂

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