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Twinkle in My Eyes

This is the 100th post on my blog and it had to be Special. And so, it is!

This is dedicated to the sparkle of my eyes, my thirty months old daughter, Vaanshi.


When I come back from work, and you rush to me to give me, I mean give my knees, a hug… You Twinkle in My Eyes.

When at bedtime, you cook a story with me and make elephants fly, squirrels sing and donkeys dance… You Twinkle in My Eyes.

When you don’t get your new shoes off even when you go to bed… You Twinkle in My Eyes.

When you negotiate with kisses all over my face for me to let you play in the sand pit for a little more… You Twinkle in My Eyes.

When, seeing your mom with skipping rope, you insist on doing it yourself; with a perfectly mistimed jump you tangle your feet, topple and laugh uncontrollably lying on the floor… You Twinkle in My Eyes.

When, standing on your performance platform – the dining table, you pretend holding a mic with an empty fist, while you try to sing ‘Rain Rain Go Away’ and end up singing ‘Lain Lain Go Gaway’… You Twinkle in My Eyes.

When holding a remote control like a phone, with smiling nods and tilted head, you talk to your imaginary friend ‘Jackpot’ and tell him about how you had a great time at the zoo the other day… You Twinkle in My Eyes.

When, after a tough tiring day with your monkey business you end up on the floor with your arms and legs spread wide, partly open mouth, trembling eyes full of dreams and teeny weeny snores; you resemble a star and… You Twinkle in My Eyes.

When you climb up on my tummy and pull my cheeks and hair in the middle of the night because you have had your nap alright- I would think you won’t but yes – even then… You Twinkle in My Eyes.

When you, with your tiny little hands and a face hosting a thousand expressions, like a granny, explain how you fell off your tricycle… You Twinkle in My Eyes.

Then, you come to me to show the tiny scratch on your knee which I cannot even spot; when asked ‘Where’s is the scar, honey?’ you point it out to me with your teensy index finger as your mom’s reddish pink nail paint flaunts off your pea sized nail… You Twinkle in My Eyes.

Then you linger for me to sympathize and blow a puff of air at your ‘scar’ to magically cure it in a jiffy… You Twinkle in My Eyes.

Baby, Sometimes I feel you are probably too young to understand what wonder you have done by coming into my life. Sometimes I feel you are probably too innocent to understand what ploys I would willingly get into just to see you smile. Sometimes I feel you are probably too pure to see the evils that I would keep at bay from you – today, tomorrow and until the world runs out of evils. Because, You Twinkle in My Eyes.

Stay Happy, Stay you.


Photo Courtesy: Aakash Kothiya


  1. However I dnt read all ur post bt I thnk this is the best, coz it’s worth written by u not as Tejas bt as being a father then automatically words r beyond everything… Love it.. Worth reading!!

  2. This is your bestest post anna! 🙂
    Loved every inch of it. I must say that Vaanshi is a proud daughter to be blessed with such a loving father. Your posts about Vaanshi prove the point that only daughters can bring genuine happiness in a family. Feeling proud of you anna. 🙂

  3. This is certainly one of your best post TJ..full of heart, emotions, love, care and Vaanshi.I wonder why I didnt read it earlier. Every word you wrote quenches the heart, word -by-word.I know how this little Angel is? She can fill happiness in anyone’s world.Her laughter is the perfect music for the soul.Her sweet talks are the elixir to the life.How I wish a daughter like her! No have no idea TJ, no idea et all.

  4. What a doting and loving father you are, Tejas 🙂 Vaanshi – pretty name I must say – is immensely gifted to have a wonderful soul for a father, who will always look out for her. I’ve never seen a Dad love his daughter so much; it’s astounding to see it 🙂 And I have a beam on my face right now. She will definitely come to know in due course of time just how safe she is to be wrapped up in your love and I’m sure she will still consider herself to be your baby girl even after having kids of her own. May God bless you 🙂

  5. First of all congratulations Tejas for 100th post 🙂 As of now i don’t have my own kids ..but i live in a joint family and i have two super-cute loving nephews and when you said she came running for you when you are back from office..same way my 3.5 yr nephew opens the door for me and hides behind the door every day and then laughing out aloud.checking my bags what i got for him ..every single tension..every single thought just get vanished by that joyful laughter 🙂 Nothing ..just nothing is more blissful then watching a child grow 🙂 🙂
    I earlier also said this …again i am repeating myself…these letters are going to be your daughter’s most prized possession 🙂
    And you have very-very cute and beautiful daughter 🙂 ..God bless her 🙂

    1. You are right Neerja. Nothing matches the joy of seeing a child grow in front of your eyes, day after day. May be because of the pureness that they possess. Thank you so much. I am sure you will relate to these words even more the day when you would have your own baby in your arms 🙂

      1. yeah i agree with you 🙂 They are so pious away from the hidden layers of shrewdness and masks of falseness of this world 🙂 And yes holding your own baby must be the most pleasurable moment of your life 🙂

  6. So beautiful, So special and So close to heart.. ❤

    The twinkle in my eyes are for my dad, who expresses all these in his own way..

    And I completely agree on your comment of no competition ever.. The years may roll, she would grow, yet you would be her first and most favorite hero, par none.. Nothing could change a girl’s love for her dad.. 🙂

  7. This stole my heart! The fact that she makes donkeys dance and uses her mom’s nailpaint as “scar” officially makes her the coolest kid ever 😀 You have got your hands full and I am sure you wouldn’t have it any other way! Such happiness here…!

  8. Dear Tejas,
    So you reached century in WP.. <3 This is the best ever read from you. Last time when you wrote about her you left a smile on my face and now… Now m beaming at my computer screen.. Can't stop smiling.. I was going through the words again and again and it TWINKLE IN MY EYES.. 🙂 I know how can a kid change our life..
    Vaanshi is lucky, that she have you! And you are more lucky to have the angel.. 🙂
    May be she is too little to understand all this..But one day she will realize how much precious she is to her loving Daddy.. May the Almighty bless you and the cutie pie and all around you with all the happiness way around. Be the best Daddy and Super hero for her. 🙂
    Stay blessed!! <3

  9. Your 100th and your bestest best ! It is a DREAM to read such words from a loving Dad and it shows how every man becomes his best self when he becomes a Dad…..You are blessed to have a gift package of naughtiness and cuteness bundled into one and she is blessed to have an oh-so-loving Dad as you. May all the stars shower their silver dusts on her tiny head. And may you relish and cherish every moment of her growing up, till you have a competitor in her life 😉 Till then : Enjoy the Bliss !!!

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