Just In Case

I Still Censure the Day When
You Walked Down
the Aisle of My Heart.
And You Climbed Up to My Brains
And Drove Me Crazy;
I Was So Lost In Your Charm That
All Turned Hazy.

It was for Forever, I Thought.
When It went Astray, I Fought.
But, You Heartlessly Slid Down My Brains,
Left My Heart, Moaning in Pains.
It Seemed Just another Day for You,
When My Soul Was
Shattered In Grains.

You Seem To Be Long Gone,
You May Never Be Back.
But Hope is a Funny Fad, You Know,
I Would Rather Not Yet Pack.
I assume, the Piece of Me
Dwelling in You is Still Ablaze,
I Would Leave the Door
Half Open, Just in case.

Photo Credit: Antranias


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