Just Like That Love


It was a pleasant, peaceful evening.

Just like every day, after dinner, he grabbed a book and sat on his chair by the window in the bedroom. He gently rocked the chair as he plucked the bookmark and opened the book to read. The pages giggled as a waft of cool breeze tickled them.

After wrapping up bits and pieces in the kitchen, she came to the bedroom. She looked tired and exhausted. Work and home were on a race to wear her out. And both won, each day; day after day.

Her drained eyes urged her to announce it curtains for the day. She refused. She grabbed her laptop and turned it on sitting at the study table.

Seeing her eyes screaming for mercy, he got up, placed his bookmark back at page one fifty seven and put the book on the chair, which was still undergoing after-rocks. He went up to her quietly.

“You should rest.” He said holding her shoulders from behind.

“I know, I should; and I want to. But I need to finish this report. Boss would want to see it tomorrow. I have to finish it tonight, anyhow.” She said helplessly.

“It can wait a day.”

“I wish. Unfortunately, it can’t.” she frowned.

“Ok, can I help you with the report? You guide me. I will do it.”

“No honey, I need to do this on my own. It is too specific to my work. Thanks anyway.” She said trying to focus hard on the computer screen.

Apparently, her eyes narrowed thanks to screen’s glare; but it was the overflowing stress that was taking its toll.

“Ok. Let’s do one thing. How if you go to sleep right now, wake up early in the morning and finish this with a fresher mind?” he proposed a plan.

She thought for a while staring blankly at the screen before saying, “Hmm. I am doubtful of the accuracy of my work right now anyway.” She flapped the laptop down.

“Good.” he said and held her hand for her to get up.

He sat on the bed resting his back against the backboard. He stretched his legs straight and tapped on his lap.

She came and rested her head on his lap as she lay down.

He gave a tender massage on her forehead as she closed her eyes. A couple of sighs from her alleviated a part of her strain, it seemed.

He ran his fingers through her soft, dense, sweet-smelling hair. She loved that. She had always loved that.

“This is where my heaven is. Thank you.” She said.

“I know. Now shush and sleep.” He said and kissed her forehead.

Photo Credit: Ana_J


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