Oh Dear Pillow

There will be Dust and Disgust,
You’d Soak in their Tears.
There will be Fights at Nights,
You’d be Trapped amid Fears.
Nothing would Work for You,
No One Will Care.
None would Respect Your Being,
You’d find All Unfair,
When They Sob on You, or,
When They throw You in Rage,
Don’t Worry, Sweetheart,
I Will Be There to Cage.

I’ll Take All Your Pains and
Get in the Way of All the Stains.
I’ll Suck Up the Tears, and the Fears,
While You Unwind, wrapped Inside Me.
I Will even Change, Colors or So,
For You, My Love.
I’ll Bend to Your Mood, So You Know,
For You, My Love.

I Will Be there, Looking after You,
Day or Night, till It’s All Over.
Oh My Dear Pillow,
Let Me Be Your Cover!

Photo Credit: Svyatoslav


  1. A new twist …asking to cover up a pillow …I mean our pillow is one of our best companion specially at times when v cry lonely at nyt every drop of tear is absorbed by it and now u want to absorb its pain …talking abt emotions of non living

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