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You Can Pen

What is it about writing that is so fascinating? What is it about writing that gets me high? What is it about writing that rejuvenates my dreary spirit?

There would be, and there are, plenty ways to communicate, to express, to convey. But what is it about inscription that differentiates it from every other medium of expression? Ever wondered?

If you are a writer, of any sort – a diary person, an author, a blogger, a poet; you might have well wondered some time, if not always.

No matter why you write, what you write, how you write, for whom you write; any reason for which you pick up a pen is inspiring enough for you to experience the delight of writing; the delight of pouring stream of thoughts into mold of words.

Depiction of the satisfaction experienced upon penning an accurate word for a priceless expression is beyond my skills of writing. A punctuation, as little as a comma or an exclamation mark placed precisely at the correct juncture gets me to smile. It offers a indescribable contentment that costs nothing.

Some may write for money, some for their honey, some for pun, some for fun, and some for none. What umbrellas all of these together is the freedom; freedom to express your mind and heart out; for an instance, freedom to use ‘umbrella’ as a verb.

I may write about what I want to say, I may write about what others want to read, I may write about what I am, I may write about what I am not – but want to be, I may write about what others want me to be, I may write about how things were, how things are, or how things would be or should be.

Through a pen, I can live my weirdest fantasy, my wildest dream, scariest night and loveliest day, I can live my lifetime in a paragraph. The joy of enjoying freedom of expression through words is beyond words.

I appreciate myself and I criticize myself. I am not answerable to anyone. I don’t owe anything to anyone. I am my boss when I write. Period.

In the world of restrictions and constraints, this sensation of freedom is priceless.

Here I am not talking about what you write or how well you write, I am just talking about, expressing what you feel, expressing what you think, expressing what you want; without passing them through any filters.

Unless you try a hand on it, you cannot imagine what I am talking about.

So, let’s just give it a try here once, if not for more.

First up, believe that you can pen. Sit in a quiet place. Pick up a pen and a blank paper, close your eyes for a minute, open your eyes and let the tip of your pen touch the paper. It will follow a path of its own, it will craft its own masterpiece; let it flow, don’t interfere and experience the magic.

Don’t judge yourself, don’t moderate, don’t review.

Feel the joy. Feel the pleasure of self-rule. Enjoy the ride!

Happy Writing!

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Initially published on yourstoryclub.


  1. You were right! This sums up exactly how I feel sometimes. Writing is liberating. A piece of you out there, for everyone to see. You may like my poem, words on a paper.

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