Loving Through The Shadow

She walked past me
Like Breeze of Spring,
My Heart popped Up
As Geese have a Fling.
Her Hair Brushed Me
to Tickle My Soul.
I could Retire Life, You Know,
To Tell You the Whole.
I’m Good to Go
with Just Seeing her Smile,
Who’d Complain
When Bliss would Pile.

She’d Never Be Mine, I Know.
There’s a Long Line, I Know.
She’s a Lure for ’em All,
I’m Not as Divine, I Know.

Her Sparkly Twinkly Eyes
Tonic for My Heart,
My Love, So Platonic,
Sets Me Apart.
Gives me a high,
Her Smell, Fresh like Meadow,
Wordlessly, I’d Love her
From far, through the Shadow.

Photo Credit: geralt


  1. Watching someone you love when they can’t see you has it’s own pleasures 🙂 loved the last two lines ..Wordlessly, I’d Love her ..From far, through the Shadow. Beautiful 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Neerja. Yes it is amazing watching someone you love without them knowing about it. It is amazing because when they don’t know they are being watched, they are their purest self. And by and large ‘That’ is the self that we fall in love with- the one with nothing fake 🙂

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