No Big Deal as it May Seem,
But What’s with
The Mayonnaise and its Gleam!
Fresh and Shiny, Red Tomato,
And the Spicy Mashed Potato,
The Layers of Melt Cheese,
Oh, Have Some Mercy Please!

In Each of the Layers,
One of My Prayers.
Layers that Hold all Together,
Don’t Let Drop Even a Feather.
Some Ketchup, Salt and Pepper
As You may Sprinkle,
My Hungry Eyes Promptly Twinkle.

The Shiny Plates and Fancy Breads,
They May Score Most of The Grades,
The Casing often Flatters,
But What’s Within, is All that Matters.

Photo Credit: adoproducciones


    1. I love food too Prajakta. And I love Poetry. I can’t give up either of them. Hence the inspiration, I guess. Thanks. 🙂
      ~ waiting – for something yummy from you too.

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