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“Do you think you would make sense without Me? I don’t think so.” Noun said.

“And do you Think you would, without me?” Verb questioned.

“But I am what I am. I don’t need to use you.” Noun said.

“Well, I think you just Did.” Verb was prompt to respond.

“So what; You used me too. Hunh!” Noun shrugged.

“Stop it guys. You both are Boring frames on the wall without my Awesome company.” Adjective jumped into the word-war-one.

“But my dear, poor Adjective, we can do without you.” Noun said; even on Verb’s behalf. Verb nodded in agreement.

“Maybe you can; or maybe not, if you really want to show my poorness. Anyway, I make you look Gorgeous.” Adjective was not easy to be sidelined.

Adverb, little son of Adjective and Verb, also had a say, “Brag all that you want, but I emphasize so Stylishly that none of you can. You can’t deny that; not even Accidentally.”

As the tussle went on, Period came rolling; Semicolon followed, limping little comma trailed them both. Apostrophe couldn’t help but float frantically to join the caravan. Clumsily balancing his over sized head on petite body, the question mark came sprinting too. How could he be left behind?

“Guys, please!!! Aren’t you done as yet? We could also add fuel to the fight.” The leader of them all, Period, told Verb, Noun and their mates. “And, trust me, we could make you feel this small.” he said pointing to the little comma.

“Hey, why do you drag me in the middle of this? I am a peaceful soul, you know that.” Comma said with a frowning face as he felt offended on being judged for his size.

“I’m just using you as an example.” The period said.

“Everyone uses me for something, or the other. And I’m always in the middle of the things, for nothing of my own on either side. I am so sick of it.” Comma said as he limped to a corner to sob.

“Anyway” the period continued, “I was saying, guys, we all are equally vital. We give meaning to each other. Don’t we? What would grammar be without even any One of us? We are nothing if we stand solo; and united, we are Everything.”

Noun looked at Verb and they agreed in silence. Adjective and Adverb nodded too.

“Ok. Good. Now come on here, all of you.” Period asked everyone to cluster.

They huddled with arms around each other’s shoulders, they fused and a beautiful piece of inscription was born. And then, it was PERIOD.

Photo Credit: PDPics


  1. Very innovative and amusing 🙂 If you could have added about pronoun, preposition ,conjunction and interjection it would have been a wonderful unison of 8 parts of speech 🙂

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