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Thirty Third Thing

She scanned through the racks as he tagged along with a trolley.

“What’s next?” she asked as she picked up a refill pack of ketchup from the lower shelf.

“Corn Flakes” he said and ticked off ketchup from the long list of monthly grocery.

She always hand-wrote the grocery list for she knew he loved reading it in her handwriting. It reminded him of the times when she would tiptoe to slide the handwritten love letter under his hostel room’s door. She had been gutsy since forever.

After marking off all as Done in the list, they approached the cash counter.

While they waited in the queue for their turn to get billed, she looked around and the supermarket’s marketing strategy hit the bulls-eye. They would always situate the stuff by the cash counter, to which you would be most vulnerable.

Sitting irresistibly, shining in purple wrappers, a stack of her favorite chocolate began to entice her. Fountains of saliva unleashed uncontrollably in her mouth. She gulped.

He decoded everything in a bit.

“Take one.” he said.

“Hmm? What?” she acted clueless.

“Whatever you are looking at; Take one.” He said with raised eyebrows; aiming eyes at the chocolates.

“No. No. I’m on diet.” She said ambiguously; clutching the clip between teeth and tying her hair up.

He had promised to encourage her whole losing-the-kilos thing, so he just nodded.

After the payment, he carried on to exit with the trolley full of grocery. She followed while cross checking the all-ticked handwritten list with the bill.

“Wait. There seems to be a slip-up. Why does the bill show thirty-three items while our list has only thirty-two?” she halted.

He stopped and turned around.

He picked out a bar of her favorite chocolate from his pocket and said, “Here is the Thirty Third.”

“You!!!!!” she said and hugged him tight.

Her eyes twinkled with joy as she seized the thirty-third thing.

Photo Credit: cohdra


  1. Aww, this was an amazing write-up, Tejas 🙂 Such understanding between life partners fuels the love between them and in unexpected ways, they exhibit it. This beautiful scene was a perfect example. Never stop writing! *thumbs up*

  2. Small sweet things are the foundation of any relation.we wait for bigger reasons to be happy but forget that these small moments of happiness, actually, combine to form a happy and prosperous life.Loved it Tejas!! Waiting to read more from you.

  3. This one is whole lot of us (me and my hubby) …i think it’s taken from real life episode:P ..And yes a brilliant write up 🙂 I loved the line … She said ambiguously; clutching the clip between teeth and tying her hair up.
    Such a minute detail 🙂 Indeed.. you are good observer 😛

    1. Real Life episode? – No comments 😛 If you actually see Neerja, little things in life are what make everything beautiful if we really want to see them, isn’t it? Thank you for your lovely comments 🙂

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