Lazy For A Day

Watching a Watch is
Such a Waste Of Time.
Lying Around Feels so Sublime.
The Tick-Tock May be Your Fuel;
I Find it Just too Cruel.
All I Care For is My Emptiness;
Emptiness in My Head, And in My Bed.
Me, My Diary And My Coffee Mug,
Don’t You Dare, If You Wish to Bug.

You May be Dismal, Dismal Enough
To Walk Like a Ripened Banana,
With the Stick in Your Hands –
The Stick They Call Clock-Hands.

On the Day, When Misty Clouds
Hover Over Edge of My Window,
Peeking Inside a Little,
Asking Me to Cuddle My Shadow.
When All Looks Pretty,
And Pretty Hazy,
For a Day, Well,
I Pick to Be Lazy!

Photo Credit: Eirik_Raudi


    1. It is, isn’t it? And when the day demands, you got to be doing nothing but just stay in your blanket and look outside your window at ‘nothing’. Thank you 🙂

      1. So true it is 🙂 But the lazy state remains until your tummy starts growling and starts asking for food 😛 and then you need to break the lazy charm and kick up the life again at its own pace.:)

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