I am just a Clown


Everything Makes Sense,
As You Stop Looking for Sense.
Sane-Insane Would Blend,
If You Remove the Fence.

Here’s Your Clue,
That’s What I’d Do,
Fences that You Make,
I’m Here to Break.
Open Your Mind,
Spread Your Wings.
Hardly Does It Matter,
Who Loses, Who Wins.

Paint a Picture, of a princess or a Witch,
Sing a Song, May Be Out of Pitch,
Write a Song, Though May Not Rhyme,
Do All You Want, Anything is Fine.

To make a Fool of mine,
I Would Go Long Miles.
That’s What I Would Do,
I love to see Your Smiles.

You May Call Me A Verb,
You May Call Me A Noun,
Doesn’t Really Matter,
When I’m Just A Clown.

Photo Credit: jackmac34


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